July 9, 2007

We have a very busy summer planned here in Dubya land..... trips and parties, concerts and weddings, RedSox games and..... did I mention a RedSox game????

When you've got two kids two and under, it makes everything a little more challenging -- so, when I learned that I had three cousins getting married this summer -- we had some decisions to make.

One cousin is from Ireland, but lives in Australia -- she opted for an intimate immediate family affair in Ireland, so we had no decision to make there..... we weren't invited, and that's just fine. Another cousin, is from Ireland but lives in CA he's getting married in August. He moved out here after college and lived with my family in Boston on and off for a few years while he got on his feet. He's almost like another sibling, so that's a wedding the whole family's gonna trek out to the west coast for.

Another cousin is from Ireland, and lives in Ireland but got married in Tuscany.

It was a tough call, but a trip to Tuscany and a trip to CA in the same six week period is just too much for the babies (not to mention the pocketbook) so, we opted not to make the trip to Italy. The same cousin is having a wedding reception in Ireland for all those who didn't make the trip to Italy -- so, I'm going to shoot over to attend that this weekend with Aunt P, but without the Big Dubya and the 'lil ones.

All I can say is that it sounded like a good idea at the time..... now, I'm freakin' people!

I can't leave my babies......

I know the Big Dubya is their father, and wonderful with them, more than capable of a couple of days alone with them -- but he's not the Mommy.... I'm the Mommy -- how can I leave them?????

Did I mention that Dublin's forecast is for rain.... all weekend?


Sue said...

Deep breaths...It'll be fine. The Big Dubya will probably do things differently than you do, but as Darren always tells me 'different isn't the same as wrong'...Sure their schedules may get messed up, they might not eat as well, and some naps might get missed. But it'll be fine.

Have a Guinness (or two!) and enjoy your time in Ireland...

Darren said...

Enjoy the trip! We'll watch the papers for any major disasters at the Dubya house. Just kidding...he'll be great with them. But I'm sure they'll all miss Mom.

Aunt P said...

Don't panic and don't be sad. It will be good for Dub to get some dedicated daddy time with the kids and it will be good for you to get away. Besides, when was the last time you and I had a little adventure? We're long over due!

Mamacita Tina said...

Yes, it's hard to leave the babies, but enjoy and be refreshed!

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