January 16, 2008

Back in time

Does hearing a certain song on the radio bring you back to a particular time in your life?

Does driving a certain road remind you of a trip you once took?

This morning I had to go to the hospital for an ultrasound -- it was the routine 20 week photo session, everything is just fine. And no, I didn't find out what we are having.

I called last week to "pre-register" -- and the woman on the phone began giving me directions to where I needed to go -- as she began telling me to go up the long driveway to the main building.... I got a chill. As she continued -- "pass the information desk, pass the gift shop, down a long hallway -- get on the elevator in front of the cafeteria and go down to the ground floor"

I told her to stop -- I knew where I had to go.

The ultrasound department is right in front of the NICU..... where the 'lil man spent his first month. I haven't been back there since we brought him home 2½ years ago -- but as I drove up the long driveway this morning -- it was like it was yesterday. I remember the first time I walked down that long hallway -- I was still so weak, the Big Dubya was practically carrying me -- I'm not sure my feet were even fully on the ground. He hadn't even tried to talk me out of going -- he knew I wouldn't have listened.

I got on the elevator and there was a man that got on with me -- he had a huge vat of coffee.... he'd been up all night -- I could see it on his face.

I got off and was grateful to be taking a left to go to my ultrasound appointment -- the man went the other way -- he was heading to the NICU. I cried a little and then I prayed for him.


cape buffalo said...

You're good.

Manic Mom said...

That's nice that you said a prayer for the guy and his family.

When they ask you if you know what you're having, I love the reply:


I didn't find out with any of my three either. I loved the surprise.

But it looks to me like with this one you may be having BIG FOOT... hee hee, couldn't resist, and hope that's the kind of humor you laugh at and that pregnancy hormones don't make you burst into tears and you're not thinking, "WHO IS THIS HORRIBLE RANDOM POSTER WHO CALLS HERSELF MANIC MOM?"

I hope you're not thinking: "Rot to hell Manic Mom."

MommaWriter said...

Been there, done that. I still get teary, just looking that NICU label in the elevator. My very favorite NICU experience was riding up the elevator to the NICU with another NICU mom and a pair of pregnant women complaining that they really wished the baby would come out NOW! The two of us NICU moms got off the elevator and without looking back or at each other, both said "No, you don't!" in perfect unison!

Glad to meet you, Mrs. Dubya!

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