January 15, 2008

Can I Please Adopt Them

Seriously.... I know I cannot offer the lifestyle that their natural parents can, but I can offer them love and stability and a life lived in private suburbia rather than on the cover of the tabloids.

I'm referring to the children of train-wreck Brittney Spears.

Obviously this girl has some issues and she is clearly ill equipped to care for and raise her children -- but seriously, what kind of future do these poor little babies have if this soap opera is allowed to continue?

Just proves -- money isn't everything


Sue said...

At first she was almost comical but now it's a tragedy. I think she's got some big time mental health issues that need to be addressed before she's allowed near her kids.

I've also said to Darren I'd like to just get those two kids out of there and into a more normal enviroment.

Can you tell I've thought wayyyy too much about this??

Arwen said...

Maybe K-Fed can rise to the occasion, he has dropped out of the media and seems to trying to keep the kids out of the media, even though she is a total nutjob.
I would be happy to adopt them, in a closed adoption, too. At this point, with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a child and a husband, 2 boys would round out the twos well. Although I might need one girl (so I have two girls) and one more husband...AAAAHHHH!!!! Nevermind.

cape buffalo said...

I'm right there with ya.

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