January 7, 2008

Internet "Friends"

On Saturday, Mr Big Dubya and I were driving along with the kiddies and we went passed the Panera Bread that just opened in our town

Me: Sue, I mean Insurance Mom, said that the cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera are awesome -- I wonder if they are like the French Toast Bagels we get on the Vineyard

Mr Big Dubya: I knew who you meant....... we should try 'em

Is it odd that Mr Big Dubya knew exactly who I was talking about, despite the fact that we don't know her and that our only exposure to her has been via the blogsphere?

Just wondering?


Aunt P said...

so are they?

Amy [Taste Like Crazy] said...

It's not weird. Tucker and I do the exact same thing.

True the Cobblestones; they will change your life.

Brandi said...

It's not weird. In fact, I'm envious. My husband doesn't read blogs, so he never knows who I'm talking about.

By the way, Panera has fantastic soup and bread bowls. My favorite is the baked potato soup. Oh, and the very chocolate brownie is so good too, but really rich. Great, now I'm going to have to go there tomorrow!

Sue said...

I'm surprised we haven't actually run into each other yet!

And yes, did you like the cinnamon crunch bagels?

Darren said...

It's not odd. We talk about you guys too.

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