January 14, 2008

Trying to do too much?

Last weekend, I packed up the two kids and headed off to BJs -- when I got home, I opened the back hatch of my SUV and two gallons of milk fell out bursting and creating a white river in the driveway..... I almost cried.

A few days later, I was trying to eat my lunch at my desk between meetings -- I knocked something into my can of iced-tea and splashed some onto my laptop -- shortly thereafter my laptop ceased working. Most people would immediately call the help desk -- me? no, I got on my Blackberry and emailed Aunt P ..... asked her what to do -- she's wickit smaaaahhhht (that's Boston-speak for really smart) when it comes to computers. She asked if it was sweetened with sugar (what the f*&^%$#?) and what I would do if I were at home -- I told her that I'd probably spray the shit out of it with some compressed air to see if I could dry it -- she said that sounded like sound rationale and that I should try it (I'm starting to rethink the whole smart thing) -- I stopped spraying once the laptop began making a sizzle sound..... and decided to call the help desk. Oh, did I mention that it's the middle of year-end?

I completely forgot to show up for 'lil Dubyette's flu shot booster on Friday -- just didn't show up..... Uhm hullo, I don't do things like that. I called this morning to reschedule and booked a time that sounded good..... then I remembered -- that's when I'm supposed to go for my ultrasound.....
I'm starting to think that I've got too many balls in the air......


cape buffalo said...

It's not your fault that your placenta is holding your brain hostage. You'll get it back soon.

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