January 17, 2008

The dirty kids? Yeah, they're mine

So, after I flaked on a doctor appointment Friday morning -- the nice lady at the pediatrician's office (not to be confused with the cranky witch who also works there) squeezed us in for Tuesday afternoon.

I purposely make my doctor appointments in the morning so that the kids will be well behaved (this is relative) and freshly bathed. But, when you totally blow off an appointment and have to be squeezed in.... beggars can't be choosers, so 4:00pm it is.
I left work early, picked the kids up and of course -- the two of them look utterly homeless. The 'lil man is in his "back-up" clothes..... these tend to be clothes that they receive as gifts -- clothes I don't really like -- so, I send them to school with them so that if they need to be changed during the day.... they've got a spare outfit. My rationale is that the outfit doesn't go to waste, but I don't have to see it too often -- it's a win-win.
The 'lil lady has finger paint all over her -- from the pictures she had a great time, but not too much paint landed on the smock.... most managed to skip the smock and go right to her sleeves. She's also got some sort of dried-up mystery goo in her hair..... awesome!
I didn't have time to go home and clean them up -- and the babywipes I keep in the car can only do so much, so -- off to the appointment we go. When we get there I get a better understanding of what she meant by "squeeze us in" -- it's standing room only. There must have been a dozen boys (yeah, all boys) sneezing and hacking all over the place. Most of them looked as homeless as my kids..... I'm guessing they were picked up from school/daycare as well.... made me feel a little bit better, but not much.
As any overcrowded room can be, the waiting room was very, very warm -- so I took off the kids coats -- and then 4:00 turned into 4:10, 4:20, 4:30...... and suddenly I started to smell it.... oh yeah, somebody was having a diaper episode..... if only it could have been somebody else's kid. Instead, it was the 'lil man -- so, not only did he look dirty -- he stunk too. I tried to pretend I didn't notice, but he takes after the Big Dubya..... he stinks.
Thankfully they called us in around 4:40 and we were able to get our business done and out of there in a hurry.
I kind of feel bad for all the times I've looked at scruffy kids and jumped to conclusions....


Sue said...

It gets even better when they start insisting on picking out their own clothes and want to go out wearing something completely horrifying (to you anyway!)...

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