March 10, 2008

Fired? For that?

Once again, I'm diving into an area that I generally avoid in this space (yes, because I'm afraid of all you guys not liking me anymore).... politics.

Not sure if you saw it, but Samantha Power was fired asked to resign over flack generated when she called Hillary Clinton a "monster"

Is it me? or is this freakin' insanity?
Look, I don't care for any of the presidential candidates -- and it was a stupid, immature thing to say, BUT to fire someone? An unpaid volunteer..... for a little name calling? Uhm -- get a grip people.
I mean seriously.... if you want to be president -- your going to need a thicker skin -- and hey Barack, how 'bout a little loyalty? This woman's been working for your campaign for FREE for 14 months and instead of asking her to issue an apology and move on -- you fire her?

This is not a slam at the dems..... McCain's been no better -- disassociating himself from anybody who's been less than kind.

Good grief -- are we really getting that politically correct? I call the 'lil Dubya a monster all the time -- I hope my job is safe.


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