March 4, 2008

Thank Gawd it was on Triple Clearance...

You may remember a month or so ago..... our stupendous New England Patriots played a little football game in Arizona and through some lapses in judgement did not exactly come out on top..... yes, after winning 18 straight, they actually lost #19.

Many of us have tried to put it out of our minds....... some of us have been less successful than others.

Well, shortly before game time -- it came to my attention that my dear husband had made a friendly wager with an internet buddy. He agreed to dress our children in Giants gear and post their photo on his blog if the Giants were to win -- the buddy agreed to do the same to his child if the Patriots were to win.

Initially I was aggravated, because the Big Dubya knows how I feel about posting photos of the children on the web..... I'm probably being unreasonable, but I just worry about perverted whack-jobs looking at photos of my children. He validly raised the point that he's got the kids in his banner already...... I ended up conceding simply because the Patriots couldn't actually lose this game, but then they did......

Being the good guy that he is, Metro agreed to a wager substitution and said that he'd accept a photo of the Big Dubya wearing the Giants gear as payment. I told hubby that it was up to him -- I could have spoke up, but I didn't..... so it's my own damn fault. Anyway, I was asked to pop out at lunch and get a Giants shirt so that the photo could be taken and posted.

Thank God it was on clearance -- I felt unfaithful just holding it in my hand. The woman at the counter said "This is a great sale, you should get two" -- I smiled and said "I don't even want to buy this one"

Keep an eye on hubby's site...... I'm guessing the photo will be up in the next day or so.


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