March 11, 2008

In desperate search of....

A few years ago, the Big Dubya and I were watching TV when soda nearly came streaming out of my nose at the site of a commercial for this stuff.

I wondered what the hell kind of people need a a special fluorescent light to conduct urine reconnaissance missions and then require a chemical solution to deal with the age old problem of removing whatever urine is uncovered. Other than the odd friend with an aging pet, I really didn't think random urine was a serious issue. That was...... until I became the mother of a toddler in the throws of potty training.

The 'lil man loves, loves, loves his new big boy underpants. He puts them on and dances around singing "under-pants, under-pants" -- he even has his almost 16-month old sister running to the bathroom door and screeching to go "pee-pee" -- once on the hopper she holds out her hand and demands "paper" and proceeds to wipe away the non-existent pee -- it was really very cute the first couple of times -- now? well... you know how novelty works.

Anyway, from time to time the 'lil man has an accident. C'mon -- it's only natural -- kids have accidents -- BUT..... sometimes I see the wet pants, but really don't know where offense occurred..... and he won't tell me -- so I end up down on all fours feeling around for a puddle. Isn't motherhood glamorous?

Urine be Gone doesn't seem so silly anymore.


Mamacita Tina said...

I tend to just walk around in my bare feet, I'm lazy that way.

Sue said...

Somehow I've been blessed with a gene that makes me step in anything messy like that. Saves time, at least.

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