March 4, 2008

I want a job where attendance isn't mandatory

Yeah, I think my next job is going to be US senator.

I know, I'm being snarky -- but seriously folks why do the citizens of the United States accept this? I don't typically write about politics (probably because I'm afraid you'll throw rocks at me), but if I'm going to be equally critical of democrats and republicans..... it should be okay, right?

We've got three senators running for president -- yet, none of the three of them have given up their job as senator. This normally wouldn't bother me -- I mean, I've interviewed for jobs without giving up my current job...... but my interview lasted a day -- maybe two. These three yahoos have been criss-crossing the country for months on end and as a result, are not showing up for their job as senator. There are three states not being represented by their elected official.

During 2008 alone (January 22nd through today), the 110th Congress has voted on 36 issues...... want to guess how many Senators Obama, Clinton and McCain have actually showed up for?

Senator McCain has managed to show up for 13 votes (that's 33%..... would your boss be pleased with that attendance rate?)

Senator Obama he's even worse at 11 votes (30.5% for your number junkies)

Senator Clinton? yeah, she doesn't even try.... 3 votes (8.33%)

Why don't the people of Arizona, Illinois & New York deserve to have senators who actually represent them?

I will concede that the majority of these issues are probably not critical to national security or what-have-you -- but this is their job. This is what my tax dollars are paying them a salary of $162,500 for -- shouldn't we demand that they at least show up?

Okay, I'm done

Vote for Mrs Big Dubya -- US senator to the blogsphere


Arwen said...

I will vote for you even if I don't agree with some of the stuff you believe in. It is just as much about character as beliefs (which is why I cringe every time I hear Clinton speak).

Sue said...

The whole process drives me up a wall - superdelegates? And now Clinton wants FL to re-vote so their delegates count? Do not get me started!!

So yes - while we may not agree 100% on everything - you have my vote!

cape buffalo said...

can i have a position on your staff?

Becky said...

Oooh. Can you get me a job like that too?

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