March 19, 2008

The Dubya Family Vacation -- 2008

So, we are heading to Disney on Sunday

We've been to Disney before.... many times before..... but this is our first trip with my in-laws.

Now, in the spirit of fairness..... I hit the in-law lottery. I have arguably the best in-laws anyone could ever hope for. They are interested and involved, but not over bearing or intrusive. They are generous beyond reason and they made me feel welcome into their family long before they knew they might get stuck with me. They are easy-going and they simply adore our kids -- I couldn't have selected better grandparents for the 'lil dubyas.

All that being said.... we are still going on vacation with the in-laws for the very first time -- and along with that comes a certain amount of stress.

We go on trips with my family all the time -- so, I know what to expect. I participate in the planning (aunt P and I usually divide up the responsibilities) and I know that if things don't go like clock-work, well -- chances are we'll all get a good giggle out of it and the story will become part of the fabric of our trip's memories.

This trip is different.

For this trip, I did virtually ALL of the planning --

I selected the dates, booked the flights, the hotel.... and although I really enjoy all of the planning that goes into a group trip -- I tend to take on an unreasonable amount of responsibility for everyone's enjoyment. If there's even one snag, snafu or hiccup.... I'll feel like it's my fault and I ruined their trip. If I select a restaurant and the food or service is crap, if I select a hotel and the rooms aren't nice, if I book an airline and the luggage gets lost.....

I know it's absurd..... but, I'm a first-born and a daughter.... this is what daughters do....


Sue said...

It'll be fine....have fun!

Aunt P said...
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