May 9, 2006

Irish Mrs Brady

I had one of “those” mothers – she wasn’t just my mother – she was the entire neighborhood’s mother – almost ever kid in the school yard called her “mom” – it seems strange now, but it was just normal back then.

I’m not sure what it was about her – she wasn’t the glamorous mother – she wasn’t the mother that used to take us cool places (she didn’t even have a car until I was in high school). She wasn’t the mother that had the cool house or cooked good dinners – she didn’t let us drink at her house or have wild parties but she had an appeal. Most of our school friends referred to her as “Irish Mrs Brady” – the neighborhood kids referred to her as “that nice Irish lady”. She was sweet and kind and her door was always open – if you were having trouble at home, you could stay over – as long as you called your parents to ask if it was okay – many a kid had their “cooling off period” at our house.

I remember a friend in high school, a girl I didn’t even really know that well – she had a blow out with her parents and asked if she could stay over. I said sure and brought her home. My parents were already in bed, so I brought her up to my room and she crashed on the floor. In the morning she woke up and went downstairs to use the bathroom….. she came back up with a look of utter shock. I asked her if she found the bathroom okay – she said “yeah, and some Irish lady asked me if I wanted breakfast” -- I said, “oh good – Mammy’s cooking breakfast”

My friend was shocked – there was no third degree, not even an introduction – just hi honey, want some breakfast? Apparently, she expected my parents to be upset with her or with me – but no, that’s not how they were.

Even now, we have friends that call or visit her around Mother’s Day – some just stop by, some bring flowers… one girl brings a Friendly’s ice-cream cake…. She knows all about Mammy’s sweet tooth.


KristieD said...

my parents were kinda like that when i was growing up too. A few of my friends still check in with them from time to time. Its kinda neat, i think. And my parents werent the wicked cool kind either (not alcohol, no cool trips, ect) they were just down to earth and treated my friends as mature people. I hope i can be the mom everyone calls "mom".

Kara said...

your mom IS adorable. And she passed her warmth and gift of hospitality onto you.

Kristen said...

That is awesome! What a great mom. I hope I can be that way. (But I fear I might be too uptight...I better start working on that, huh?)

Mamacita Tina said...

One of my friends' mom is like that. Everyone called her mom. Fortunately, we are all still close friends after 30 years. She considers herself Grandma to all of our children. We are blessed to have such wonderful women in our lives.

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