May 25, 2006

Thank You, Thank You,.....Thank You Very Much

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the kind comments, emails & messages of good wishes. We are really excited and overwhelmed (a.k.a scared shitless) about the 'liller Dubya's impending arrival.

There are so many things about this pregnancy that are different.... and as usual, nobody shared them with me head of time and therefore, many I didn't know until they happened to me.

First, when you go to order your Maid-Of-Honor dress, and you explain that on the big day you'll be 24-weeks pregnant -- the women in the snooty shop don't offer any guidance. They ask YOU what YOU want to do...... in this case ME and I have no idea..... I've never had to order a Maid-Of-Honor moo-moo before. So, I asked her "Well, what do people in my situation do?" and she snootily responds... "It's really up to them" -- Gee, thanks.... as is always an effective way to deal with life's "big" problems.... I started to cry..... Aunt P thinks I'm nuts.... I ordered a dress based on my bra size, ooohhh, this fitting ought to be fun.

Next, when you had a c-section less than a year ago and you get pregnant.... not only do you "show" much sooner -- but your incision itches like mad and sometimes you think it might just burst open spill all your innards onto the floor.... it' hasn't happened just yet, but I'll keep you posted, as I'm certain it will..... clean up on aisle 3?

If you have an 11-month old at home already, he won't at all be sensitive to your first trimester exhaustion, nausea, dizziness or the fact that he shouldn't try to jump up and down on your lap/abdomen everytime you sit on the couch with him. I'm also not sure men, no matter how supportive they want to be, can comprehend just how much growing a 'lil guy/gal takes out of you.

I didn't know that when I went for my initial pre-natal appointment.... at approximately 6 weeks along (a.k.a. 45 minutes after I peed on the damn stick) that the doctor would start discussing why a scheduled C-section makes sense and if you don't plan a #3 they can take care of a tubal ligation while they are in there...... aaawww, efficiency -- isn't it just awesome!

I didn't know how many people, upon hearing our amazing news, would look at me like I'm some sort of crazed sex maniac..... yes, some people do have their children close together. And I'm not sure the appropriate congratulatory message is to remind me that I may never sleep or have any money ever again.

I'm sure there's more -- and the trip to the OB/GYN is a lengthy post in and of itself.... so there will be more on this topic.

Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers & positive vibes -- they are so very appreciated.


Kara said...

Funny you should post this today. I was just at CVS in the "new baby" card section and they had one for the mom who'll never sleep again, a card for the soon-to-be-penniless parent, the sex machine mama, but nothing for the HA!-you-have-to-wear-a-mumu-because-you-are-a-sex-machine-who-will-never have-money-sex-or-sleep-and-by-the way-don't-hit-your-head-on-the-glass-ceiling card. I'm sure I'll find an e-card with that sentiment online somewhere.

Peter said...

We had three in four years and it is grear. Strike that, Heidi had three babies.

Mamacita Tina said...

I have a 23 month old and a 4 month old. C-Section with both. Totally know where you're coming from. Congratulations and best wishes!

Sue said...

It'll be fine. My brother was born 8 days before my first birthday (he was 5 weeks preemie). We can't remember a time when the other wasn't there. Sure, we tortured each other growing up, but that's normal, right?

The lil' Dub will always have a playmate - that's great! And you're still hauling around a diaper bag anyway, what's a few more and another outfit thrown in?

Congratulations again!

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