May 11, 2006

Two things I learned this morning

It's been one of those days...... but I still managed to learn something

First, I should pay more attention in the morning when I'm packing the lunches..... 'cause when I got to work, I discoverd that I had the 'lil Dubya's full-fat, organic 4oz yogurt --

and I'm guessing he's got mine, which is low-fat, full of preservatives and 8oz. On the bright side, both of us got vanilla!
Second, I learned that my garage door opener -- doesn't open the security gate on the garage here at work..... for that, I need to use my employee ID.


Kara said...

i tried to lock my office door last week by pushing the button on my car keys.

trying to remember too many things at once makes you stupid.

Mamacita Tina said...

I forgot last night I needed to get more whole milk for my toddler. Of course this morning, he wakes up yelling out, "MILK!" Poor guy ended up drinking my skim. It probably tasted like water to him. :-)

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