August 19, 2006

Is there such thing as peeing etiquette?

I know, a very bizarre question, but..... more and more I find myself wondering what the rules are.

I've blogged before about how annoying I find it when people continue to talk to me while I'm in the stall of a public bathroom -- I mean, seriously people, this is a private time -- nothing you have to say can't wait until I come out.

But, something that irks me further..... people who talk on the phone while they are doing their business? I mean seriously, nobody wants to hear you peeing (or worse) while they are on the phone with you. Some people even do this in public bathrooms where..... I was raised not to touch anything, so I'm wondering how these people manage to accomplish the "hover" while still chatting on the phone.

There are places where cell phones simply do not belong.... and I think bathroom stalls are at the top of the list


Mamacita Tina said...

Phones in the bathrooms...EEEWWWW, GROSS!

cmhl said...

I make a point of flushing multiple times, if someone is on the phone in the bathroom. hahah.

Kara said...

cmhl: good one!

um, yeah.. not a fan of talking while peeing, but with a child in the house, I find myself doing it more than I'd like.

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