August 31, 2006

Oh, but what's in a name?

So, here we are..... about to wrap up the 27th week of pregnancy and we are still struggling with names.

Like the last time (the 'lil Dubya's name was pretty much decided before he was even conceived), I think we have finally come to agreement (albeit a shaky agreement) for a boy's name -- but alas, we are still nowhere if we are blessed with the opportunity to name a little girl.

Aunt P and Granny really like Abigail.... they think that a little girl named Abby would be just terrific. The Big Dubya (and, in fairness I have to agree with him) just doesn't think it's the name for us.

Granddad thinks Liffey would be nice..... after Ireland's River Liffey.... of course then the jokes began.... you could also name her after the River Suck!

Miss America suggested Honor..... I like it, but.... not enough to use.

The Big Dubya suggested some great Irish names.... Niamh, Siobhan, Roisin..... I love them all, and would be thrilled to use any of them if we lived in Ireland -- but they don't pass the pronounceable or spellable tests here in the States.... and I just can't do that to a kid. I had a friend Siobhan in high school..... some cute guys we met in the Bahamas got confused and called her Shazam for our entire spring break!

Because all of this indecision is really starting to stress me out, I finally suggested Fallon -- but the Big Dubya poo-poo'd that one too.... apparently, there was some soap opera in the 80's that had a character named Fallon.

Please dear readers..... help us with a girl name!

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