August 23, 2006

Why did you take my lid?

I'll admit it..... Colombo make a mistake when they tried the whole snap-in spoon lid thing a few years ago. I mean really, assembling the spoon didn't work out so great and I managed to break the darn thing the few times I forgot to bring a real spoon and attempted to use this contraption -- but why did they have to eliminate the lid entirely, huh?

Yeah, I know the yogurt is still covered with that foil -- but foil can be punctured..... and when you throw it away, a lid keeps it all nice and neat -- now, I've got to look at yogurt remnants in my waste basket all day..... YUCK!


Kara said...

yogurt containers (with lids) make great paint holders. I hope some companies continue to make them!

Mamacita Tina said...

I miss being able to quickly stash my son's left over yogurt by simply putting a lid on the container. Silly, but it saved me at least 20 seconds. Those seconds add up...

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