August 15, 2006

One Computer, Two Computer, Three Computer, Four

So, back when I was first out of college.... I bought a desktop comuter from a friend of mine. He, under completely sketchy circumstances, takes random computer parts -- builds computers and sells them to his friends.... for cheap money.

It was a decent computer.... it did what I needed it to do -- which wasn't really much. Of course, after some time, that computer shit the bed and he was kind enough to build me another one -- this one was a little bit fancier.... could do a little bit more, a little more quickly -- still not a NASA computer or anything -- but it did what I needed to do and I was happy.

Around that same time -- my new fella (Mr Big Dubya) got a brand new computer-- a gift from his parents. It wasn't high-end, but it was a good solid IBM -- it could do what he needed it to.

Not too long after that..... it was determined that my replacement computer needed some "enhancements" so my friend took it back to "work on it". Well, a few weeks later, I really needed my computer back -- I was in grad school and had papers to write -- and my friend said that he was unable to "enhance" my computer, but he had a nifty laptop that he could give me instead. This was a pretty good solution -- as, laptops come in handy in grad school.

Again, the laptop was not at all state-of-the-art, but it did what I needed it to do -- email, internet research and basic word-processing.

After we were married, the Big Dubya kind of out-grew his desktop. It was really an entry-level system and he was interested in doing more..... so we took advantage of a program at the school he was working and got a really good discount on a Dell desktop which could do it all.... it was really fancy and he was one happy camper.

A couple of years later, my laptop finally came to the end. It assumed a personality of its own -- it shut itself off, froze, unfroze, got hopped up on speed...... it developed a real bad ass 'tude. All things considered, it had served me well -- gotten me through grad school and that was all I had really wanted from it.

When we found out we were having the 'lil man, I got the laptop itch again -- the Big Dubya loves toys and was more than willing to let me scratch the itch. I knew I'd be working from home after the 'lil guy arrived, so the portability of a laptop would come in real handy. Again, we took advantage of an employee discount with Dell (through my company this time) and got a really sweet machine -- it could do things I didn't know I wanted to do.

A year or so went by and the Big Dubya was spending more and more time on my machine than on his own -- simply because the portability a laptop affords is key when multi-tasking with a baby. Eventually, he broke down and got himself a laptop -- for those keeping score at home, that's one desktop and two laptops in the Dubya household.... yep, still only two adults.

Well, last week I started a new job that requires me to divide my time between two offices.... yep, you guessed it -- I now have a work-issued laptop to add to our collection.


Mamacita Tina said...

I know what you're talking about. We have two desktops and two laptops. Funny thing is, we use them all. Oh yeah, we have a computer junk yard growing in the den, my man can't throw any of it away. There are two towers waiting to be made into something...Yikes!

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