August 21, 2006

Christmas? Mrs Big Dubya are you CRAZY????

Yeah, well maybe I am – it’s August 21st and I’ve got Christmas on the brain in a big way.

I think there are a bunch of reasons why….. some are worth getting into, others are not. I used to be a hater of all things Christmas.

That changed last year…. I had a reason to see the magic again – and, although the ‘lil Dubya was only 6 months old and more fascinated with the tissue paper than with the presents….. it was his first Christmas and it had to be perfect. We traveled great distance to have his photo taken with the “good Santa”, the Big Dubya got the “perfect tree” nice and early so we could take the ‘lil man’s photo and send all our friends and family the obligatory “photo-Christmas-card”…. The Big Dubya’s always been a Christmas-lover, and he was very patient with my irrational behavior last year..... hopefully this year will be no different.... with two kids, it's likely that I'll be twice as irrational.

And now here we are..... getting ready for the 'lil man's second Christmas AND we are going to have another baby, so it'll be "Baby's First Christmas" all over again. You may wonder why the heck I'd be starting to think about the holidays now.... I mean, HELLO it is AUGUST!!! But dear readers, my due date is December 2nd.... I'm guessing that I'm not going to be all that interested in doing Christmas shopping at the last minute (which is when I usually do it) because I'll be either really, really large or I'll have a new baby at home. So, yes I'm vowing to shop early this year...... I want it all (shopping, wrapping, etc) done before I check-in (am admitted) to the hospital for the arrival of 'liller Dubya(ette?)

The upside is that if all goes well, I'll get to enjoy a stress-free holiday.... the downside is that I'll probably miss all those great sales...... bummer.

Anybody interested in submitting gift-ideas should feel free to do so...... and on a side note, we are still accepting baby name suggestions.... although Dubyasaurus Rex is tempting.... I'm just not "there" yet...... but I do need a name to put on the stocking!


Mamacita Tina said...

I can hear the jingle bells already at your house. I really hope you accomplish your goal of shopping early. Just wrap as you bring stuff home so it doesn't seem so insurmountable. Jingle bells, jingle bells...

Sue said...

I found the internet and the UPS person to be very good tools for Christmas shopping with a newborn at home during the holidays. Although I may just have wanted some adult interaction too.

Good luck with the shopping!

Melissa said...

I agree with the person above. My oldest was born on Dec. 7th, so I did almost all of mine online that year. But if you like to shop, try the Labor Day sales. You never know what you might find.

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