November 14, 2006

Slip of the tongue?

So..... our pregnancy saga continues.

Thankfully, everything is okay. We went for an ultrasound yesterday (the doctor's office variety, not the Tom & Katie kind) and from what could be seen..... the 'liller Dubya is healthy and a good size -- indicating that my high blood pressure has not had any adverse effects.

Of course, this is a huge load off of our minds and now we just wait...... and wait...... and wait some more.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow for some more tests....... but, even if something happens..... we are past 37 weeks and it looks like the baby is fine to be delivered...... so, all together now.... PHEW!

I couldn't help but notice, the doctor saying "his" when showing us the tiny diaphragm pulsating...... the Big Dubya picked up on it too. He's a pretty "old school" type doctor -- so, he may have just been generalizing..... he's done that before, he's explained to me that he does that so as to not let the cat out of the bag -- but yesterday, there was no disclaimer, no explanation...... he just said "his" did he forget we don't konw what we are having?

In any event, I think this is the first time in weeks that I've even considered that this baby could be a boy. I mean, people have been telling me..... and I mean everybody from the woman at the cafeteria at work, the old ladies at Stop & Shop, Aunt P, everybody.... for months that this baby is a girl. I'm not sure if it's the power of persuasion or the constant repetition, but I had just kind of bought into the belief that this baby's a girl.... and now, the doctor says "his" at the ulatrasound..... is this anohter 'lil boy?

I've said it all along -- it would be wonderful to have another little boy..... the 'lil Dubya would have a baby brother, a best friend..... I already have all the boy "stuff"..... it would be great. Then again, a little girl would be nice too -- it would be different, we'd have one of each..... every baby is a blessing -- so, I honestly do not care what it is....... as long as he/she's happy and healthy..... and who are we kidding????.... a good sleeper would certainly sweeten the deal.

Oh well, time will tell

Stay tuned!


Kara said...

What up with that?

You knew the odds of having a girl were against you when you married into the "We will blodly procreate. And we will have many sons" family. But dude?!?!!

Sue said...

Can you tell at this late date? I remember we found out with Clare in August and after that ultrasound she was so squished in there they couldn't tell at the next ultrasounds (yes I had the non-stress tests too...)

Either way, how exciting! The finish line is in sight! Boy, girl, someone had better post the details somewhere when it happens!!

Melissa said...

Maybe if he'd already told you he says his all the time, he just figured you knew. But shit, you'd think he'd be more careful.

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