November 27, 2006

Did you hear something?

The Big Dubya's going to post about this..... he's got a much larger audience (especially here) and will likely be far wittier than I, but..... in the off chance someone out there reads me.... and not him..... and can offer up a suggestion..... here it goes.

Many moons ago, I posted this -- about our struggles with finding a baby monitor that would A) work and B) would not require us to mortgage our house in order to buy.

The monitor we have has been working pretty well -- but, now we need a monitor with two monitors and at least 2 (preferably 3) receivers. Princess Dubyette (still not sure what I'm going to be calling her here) is currently sleeping in a bassinette in our room.... but at some point, she'll be in her own room and the 'lil man is still in his room -- hence, we need two monitors in order to eavesdrop on both of them and receivers for our room, the kitchen and ideally for the basement (assuming we get around to finishing it).

I thought a workable solution would be to purchase another monitor (same model) and set it to the same channel to the set we already have -- but no..... rather than working together in harmony, they interfere with each other and emit a high pitched tone that brings the neighbors' dogs running.

The Big Dubya says that his internet research indicates that the only product out there that will meet our needs are video monitors -- this seems a bit crazy to me.

Does anyone have a monitor that they'd like to recommend???


Aunt P said...

I know nothing about baby monitors, but a little stroll to consumer reports pulled up a super fancy one by Philips that is an intercom, nightlight and room temp monitor AND it comes with a cordless parent unit. "Parents can remotely monitor baby’s room temperature, activate the starry night-light and play five soothing lullabies from parent unit"

Pretty fancy indeed! Pretty soon they'll start making ones that can change diapers too!

Sue said...

Sorry I can't help you with the monitor situation - with ours we get to hear the neighbors' phone conversations.

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