November 3, 2006

Today's update..... it's just pissa

So, as previously reported..... I went to the doctor this morning. It was to be a routine pre-natal check up -- those who've been there know the drill...... they listen to the heartbeat, you get weighed (UGH, that's the worst!!) and measured.... you get your blood pressure and urine checked, and then you make an appointment for next week and are sent on your merry way.

Well.... that is unless you've got a history of HELLP syndrome and your blood pressure is running higher than it should be.... then the visit becomes a tiny bit less routine.

To begin with, you get sent to the lab for a "precautionary" full panel of bloodwork.... your next appointment isn't next week, it's Tuesday..... so they can re-check your blood pressure. You get strict instructions to report to the hospital immediately if your blood pressure (which you are now checking at home several times a day) exceeds a certain level and you are given a prescription for Albustix -- strips that enable you to monitor the proteins found in your urine at home.

You also learn that if your condition continues to "deteriorate" you may have to have an amnio and possibly have the baby delivered early. Well HOOOORAAAAYYYY -- if my BP wasn't up already, it sure was after hearing all that.

Okay, there is no benefit in stressing over any of this -- just take it easy and see what happens, right? Yeah, easier said than done -- but we're working on it.

So, the Big Dubya picks up my RX for me..... apparently, these strips are over-the-counter, so my insurance won't cover them -- meaning that it's not a $10 co-pay, I've got to cough up the full retail price of $47.79 -- kind of absurd to drop $50 on tiny pieces of paper I'm just going to pee on, but hey, what are you gonna do?

Here is where things get really stupid..... the directions that come with these very expensive and soon to be peed on strips. I mean, I'm one of these people that think having directions on a shampoo bottle is absurd -- but these, these directions take the cake.

Directions: 1. Dip reagent end of strip in FRESH, well-mixed, uncentrifuged urine and remove immediately. (Alternatively, wet reagent area of the strip by passing through urine stream.)

Mrs Big Dubya's commentary: UMMMMMM, did we need to capitalize FRESH? And, while we are on the word "FRESH".... what do other people do? keep stale cups of urine just lying around? and what do they it mean by well-mixed? like swish it around in the cup? or am I supposed to pee into a blender? and did they really need to exclude centrifuged urine? I mean, doesn't everyone run their pee through a centrifuge????

I'm not going to subject you all to the remaining steps included in these directions..... other than to let you know that there's some great advice on how "to prevent possible soiling of hands with urine". Apparently, there are lots of people who can't manage to dip a piece of paper into a cup of urine without soiling themselves.

I had also hoped to get my c-section appointment this morning -- but given recent developments, they are going to hold off scheduling it until they know my blood pressure is under control.....

So, how was your day?


Sue said...

Sorry to hear you don't have a definite date...but at least they're watching you pretty closely.

Keep us posted!

Mamacita Tina said...

Yikes, and double yikes. Hang in there.

Aunt P said...

Look at it in the positive light: It gives you something to post about! Seriously, I wouldn't wish complications an anyone, but at least you are pretty far along and you and your doctors are much better informed. You can watch for any warning signs and react accordingly. We'll just all keep our fingers crossed that 'lil dub part deux makes a scheduled appearance rather than than the dramatic entrance their big brother made less than a year and a half ago.

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