November 28, 2006

Special Guest Blogger

The following is an email I received from Aunt P.......

From:  Aunt P
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2006 2:53 PM
To: Mrs Big Dubya
Subject:Damn them!

So I have two weaknesses.... Peanut butter and brownies.... I'm
walking by the vending machines at work and what do I see but the new
Reese's Brownie -"with Reese's Peanut Butter and Hershey's Chocolate
Chips Topped with a drizzle of Reese's Peanut Butter icing"

So I'm screwed. I Don't even think about walking by it. Immediately
go into my back pocket for a dollar. I go get myself a cup of tea
looking forward to the decadency - not even giving a second thought
that I can't manage to stay on a diet for more than 3 seconds...

The only saving grace? My only redemption? It's not very good. It's
actually not good at all. I'm going to throw it out. I just threw it
out and for me, throwing out a brownie is huge. This was probably the
best .90 cents I've ever spent because you now I'd be dreaming about
it all day if I didn't get it. Ok. Crisis averted.

Somehow it makes me feel better about still having baby weight to lose!


Melissa said...

That is actually really good to know, because I almost bought one the ohter day and decided against it and have kinda wanted one since.

How's that teeny girl doing? And how are you doing?

Arwen said...

The chocolate covered nutter butters aren't very good either. It took me half the package to really decide but they arenot good. I promise.

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