November 30, 2006

It's that time again

So, my task for this weekend is to capture a photo of my children for our Christmas card.... sounds easy, right? Ummmmm No

I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to accomplish this -- getting the 'lil man to sit still for a photo is difficult enough, but throw in the 'lil lady at a ripe old age of 11 days and I'm not sure what the hell this photo is going to look like.

Last year, I took well over 100 snaps of the 'lil man (thank God for digital cameras) in various poses before I found one that was somewhat decent -- the project took 6 days!

This year, I've got to try to get a photo of the two of them together -- a bonus would be if the 'lil man wasn't trying to squish the 'lil lady's head..... his version of a hug.

If anyone has any clever posing ideas..... bring 'em on. Last year, I wrapped a Crate & Barrel box and placed the 'lil man in it with blankets & tissue paper...... this was very helpful as he couldn't 100% sit up on his own yet -- man, the difference a year makes!

To increase the pressure.... hubby is doing his blogsphere holiday mantle again..... how bad would it look if we have a crappy card???? now I've got performance anxiety.... UGHHH

Wish me luck


Sue said...

Good luck!

I love those Anne Geddes type pictures with the baby just wrapped in a ribbon....maybe you could try something like that with both of them under the tree - if the Lil' Dub would cooperate and not try to "open" her??

And, sounds like the lil' guy loves his baby sister. How cute!

Aunt P said...

No worries -- Any picture of kids dressed up for the holidays is cute, so I'm sure it's going to be fine. Besides, even if 'lil dub is trying to poke her head, it will just look funny :)

Aunt P said...

Oh yeah. Are you posting suggestions for holiday TV viewing this year? 25 days of christmas is starting tomorrow on ABC Family...

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