March 11, 2007

Don't Hate Me Because I'm a Republican

All too often conversations like the following occur in the Dubya house:

Mrs Big Dubya: I'm not going to read so-and-so's blog anymore
Mr Big Dubya: Why? They're as funny as all hell
Mrs Big Dubya: They are mean to Republicans -- he/she hurt my feelings with a post today
Mr Big Dubya: Well, then you're gonna run out of blogs to read
Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, I know

My name is Mrs Big Dubya and I'm a Conservative -- That's right..... the Big Dubya and I are registered Republicans. We're outcasts here in the Liberal Blogsphere..... and my feelings get hurt on a regular basis by my fellow bloggers, as they constantly paint us with a broad and unfair brush of stereotypes and generalities.

Some of my closest friends are on the opposite side of the political spectrum -- but we manage to acknowledge the fact neither of us came to our position lightly -- we just believe in taking different approaches to solving some very complex issues. I learn so much from discussions with my liberal friends -- in some cases they can sway me more toward the middle and in some cases they help me reaffirm my position -- but I'm more informed because of the discussion -- I hope they are too. This seems more constructive than implying that conservatives dislike gays, women, the elderly, the sick, the poor and just about every other group.

Rather than stop reading some of my favorite blogs, I thought I might try to dispel some conservative myths

We don't hate charity -- as was implied by a fellow blogger recently.
We don't hate women
We don't love war
We don't hate illegal aliens -- we just want people to come to our country legally -- like we all learned in kindergarten -- take your turn... if it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.
We don't hate the poor -- or the sick for that matter.
We don't dislike gays or lesbians
We don't hate teachers or want to leave children behind without the ability to read

I won't pretend there aren't some nut-job republicans... of course there are, but there are embarrassments in every group.

Now, if you'll excuse me -- I'm going to go eat some kittens for dinner.


Aunt P said...

Didn't a study recently come out that found that republicans were more likely to donate to charities than democrats? Regardless...

Like my sister I am also a republican/conservative. And while I don't particularly like cats (love dogs though!), I certainly wouldn't like it if God killed a kitten every time I voted for a republican. I do not read many blogs, but I happen to work with a tremendous amount of democrats. What I don't understand is why the democrats I work with think it ok to make fun of me because I'm a republican. I do not go around spouting policy. In fact I pretty much keep to myself because I respect everyone's right to their own opinion. Isn't that one of the things that makes this country great? I definitely enjoy a good debate, but I enjoy it more when people (in this case democrats) give me the same respect I give them. Rather than spitting out incorrect generalities, keep your punches above the belt. This way maybe we'll both learn a thing or two without insulting the other.

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad said...

Excellent post...and another thing we have in common. Clare's Mom and I are registered republicans too.

cape buffalo said...

Liberal friend checking in, here. I think you and the MR. are like 90% of the Republicans I know, you're normal people with good values. Unfortunately, there are a very vocal minority in the party who DO spew hate about certain groups of people. These folks claim to speak for all conservatives. There are a few big reasons why I identify as liberal but am not a registered Democrat (their names are Howard and Hillary and that's only the beginning). I'm also one of the 10 people in MA who didn't vote for Deval Patrick (I LOVE Christy Meihos-- sure he's crazy, but at least he's cool with it).

Nobody on the extreme left or right has much to be proud of and they don't speak for all that many of us.

Sue said...

What Darren neglects to mention is that even though I've been a registered Republican since high school, I don't always vote that way....

I think part of the problem is that the most vocal members of both parties are way towards either end of the spectrum. Where are the moderate candidates???

Mamma said...

Just a liberal-minded blogger coming over to welcome you to the blogosphere.

Nothing wrong with differing viewpoints as long as they are well-reasoned and no one is mean.

Jenn said...

OMG your a repuplican!?!?! I can't talk to you anymore!! LOL Oh wait sorry....that was my mother talking.

Well, I'm a democrat. So what? I actually find myself towards the middle a lot too.

Allowing differances of opinion and learning from them is what makes this country strong.

p.s. did you get my email back about dad said mom said?

Above Average Joe said...

It is the extremes of both Republicans & Democrats that make more centered people think we aren't supposed to get along. I lean to the right 8 out of 10 times but some of my best friends here in MA are left leaners.

Centered people lean over the cliff. Extreme people have fallen off.

Anonymous said...

Being someone who was once an "illegal alien." I had experienced how people can treat those that are in such positions.

If you had never experienced what it feels to be discriminate against because of your legal status than you would never ever understand what a difficult situation it is.

I just hope that republicans and democrats and liberals and everyone else treats "illegal aliens" like human beans. Please teach all your children to respect others.

Jesus said it "ama a tu projimo como a ti mismo."


Whit said...

Some of my best friends are Republicans.

Well, not really, but as someone that is an admitted right-wing basher I thought I should open with that.

I think that one of the reasons I'm so hard on Republicans is because I grew up as one. My father is one. A very conservative one who is actually in an elected office.

I still love my dad.

I would apologize to you if anything I've ever typed about your party offended you, but a)I don't think you're bored enough to have read my blog, and b)I usually put that stuff in there as a joke, stroking the fires of stereotype and all that. I can't apologize for the funny. c) Bush.

Even his own party in Congress is starting to talk impeachment. The guy is a stand-ups dream.

Maybe I go over the top because I'm a "born again" type. You know how ex-smokers really hate smoking, or "born again" Christians really thump the bible. It's like that, only I thump on the right.

Nothing personal.

I'm guessing my being a Yankees fan is probably a bigger reason to dislike me than my political beliefs.

Redneck Mommy said...

I live in Redneck county, surrounded by conservatives.

I am a liberal. I don't admit this loudly because I don't want to be stoned.

My hubs is not a liberal. We fight about politics a lot.

But I'm not fond of kittens. Can we be friends??


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