March 22, 2007

They like me, they really like me!

For months.... years even, the Big Dubya's been coming home constantly telling me about this one or that one with real literary cred reading his blog or his posts on DadCentric and commenting on how smart, charming and/or witty he was...... yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know, you are awesome...... WHATEVAH!, it's happened to me too! well, okay us.... but not just him, me too!
Jenn from Dad said Mom said asked us to join their couples blog -- it's a parenting point/counter-point for parents like us -- just trying to figure out how to deal with these little people we've got living with us.... and not ALWAYS agreeing on the best approach 'cause let's face it -- the Cunninghams we ain't.

I'm very excited -- the couples take turns posting (new posts go up each Friday) and we are now officially in the rotation.

Of course I've got the usual amount of performance anxiety.... what if our post isn't good.... or witty... or insightful..... what if they regret asking us.....

Anyway, we need a topic for our debut-- feel free to make suggestions!


Sue said...

Hooray for you guys!

I've not been to check that site out (but I will!) but maybe a potential topic could be juggling two careers and two little ones?

Good luck with your new gig!

jennster said...

welcome to our craziness!!!! it's fun!

Mamacita Tina said...

Whoo-hoo! I've read a few by Jennifer and her hubby, look forward to reading yours! Are you kidding? Of course you'll be great!

cape buffalo said...

go you guys!

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