March 19, 2007

I'm the not-so proud owner of a nifty new gas can

Been so busy the past few days, weeks, months..... I've been a bit of a slacker when it comes to posts here in MrsBigDubya-land. Here in CT, we've had our first 70-degree day and we've gotten a foot of snow all in the same three-day span!

My good friend CapeBuffalo checked in to say that she and the baby Buffalo are alive and well and living the good life in Paris..... she was also kind enough to tag me for a meme, and although this is not profound..... here goes nothin'

Real mothers know how to entertain their kids indefinitely
with nothing more than the contents of their purse

So, here's a quick story about how my 'lil world's been turnin' lately.

Last Thursday I had an 8:00am meeting with all the Big Cheeses in my department. As such, the Big Dubya graciously agreed to swap drop-off/pick-up duties with me so I wouldn't risk being tardy. The meeting went fine.... just what you'd expect.... the big thinkers talking about their big thoughts. After the meeting I decided I should go down to the health center to pump before my day got too busy, or my boobs got too full. Well, I got down their to discover that I was missing two key components to my pump UGH!!!!. Little things like this happened to me all day -- none of which on their own would have bothered me, but compounded by the fact that I had two cantaloupes sitting on my chest..... I was very unhappy, stressed out and emotional.

I finally had enough and decided to bail a couple hours early -- not too many people look for me in the afternoon -- so I could just login and wrap up some stuff from home. On my way, I realized that I needed gas -- but figured I could make it (mistake #1). I got almost all the way to the daycare and stopped off at the cheap-gas gas station and got in line.... and waited.... and waited.... and waited. I finally got fed up and left -- there's another station a mile down the road (mistake #2). A bit down the road, there was an accident -- leaving us all parked on this road.... and that's when the car began to chug and eventually stall-out because it was out of gas.

I allowed the car to coast down the hill just enough for me to turn onto a small side street. At this point I knew this was my own damn fault and I got out of the car to walk down to the gas station which was still about a ½ mile away. The man at the gas station had no sympathy and proceeded to rob me by charging me $13.99 for a gas can (not including the gas) that should cost $3 or $4. On my way back to the car it started to rain (of course it did) and this all stopped being even kind of funny. I had asked the man to show me how to use the gas can's nozzle, he chuckled and told me it was easy -- well, it wasn't. I assembled it as the sticker instructed but no gas would come out -- and the "spill-proof" valve was spilling all over me and the street.

At this point I was standing in a puddle of gas and I was just totally pissed off -- I remembered there was a Poland Springs bottle in the pocket of the passenger side door so I spilled out the water and began to fill the tiny plastic bottle with gas -- yep, more gas on the ground and on my feet... I got two bottles full into the car and thought that should be enough to get the car started and me to the gas station -- it wasn't.

This is where I gave in and started to cry, and not the kind of sniffing cry -- this was an all out blubbering -- I was soaking wet from the rain, I smelled like gas, I was going to be late to pick up my kids, my boobs were like two big bowling balls and my car wouldn't start.

I called the Big Dubya and just blubbered -- the poor guy, he had to deal with me on the other end of the phone. He asked if he should call AAA for me -- I was too embarrassed -- how could I explain all the gas on the ground and the Poland Springs bottle.... not to mention my latest fragrance au de gasoline. I told him I'd just see him at home -- and asked him to pick up the babies.

After I got off the phone I did what I could to compose myself and remembered that there was a bottle of apple juice in the stroller. The apple juice bottle had a wider mouth than the Poland Springs bottle and should be easier to get the gas into -- sure enough it was. I put another bottle of gas in the car and got it to start -- and it was running...barely. I rolled down the hill to the gas station and filled my tank.

When I finally got home I had a beer and a really long shower.


Sue said...

Don't feel too badly - I can't put the nozzle on those darn gas cans either. I don't even bother and just end up sloshing what I can in - usually into the lawnmower or snow blower.

And I'd have been a sobbing mess too after all that. I hope the beer was nice and frosty cold!

Above Average Joe said...

Next time call AAA. That's what they do. And they will bring you gas if you run out. I have had AAA come to my house to change a tire before. Yes. I can be that lazy.

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad said...

I'm sure you'll laugh about this eventually.

And I haven't done it yet, but count me among the guys that would call AAA to come change a tire. Good one, above average joe.

Aunt P said...

by my count this actually the third time you ran out of gas. The first time you were driving, the second time I was driving and now this time. 1) I hope this doesn't mean that I'm next and 2) it's kindof sad that you ran out of gas and I wasn't part of the adventure. Don't worry though. I forgive you :)

cape buffalo said...

Oh you poor thing!!!!!!

And isn't it just like a sister to remind you of stuff like this?

I'm so very sorry you had such a crappy time. I ran out of gas in traffic like that once and though I didn't have a nursing baby waiting for me, it took so long for me to get help that I almost missed work.


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