March 7, 2007

I was not an English major

I was not an English major..... I was a Psych major, and now I work in investment tax -- I'll explain all that some other day.

Today, I'm going to complain about the mis-use of a beautiful thing called the English language.

Mrs Big Dubya's Language Pet Peeves:

1. Irrespective is a word.... Regardless is a word.... Irregardless IS NOT a word!

2. Wholenuther.... what is that? Whole other is fine..... Fluffernutter is fine..... Wholenuther..... not-so-much.

3. If you are going to pay $5 for it and wait 10 minutes for them to make it for you-- learn what it's called Espresso -- not Expresso

Anybody got some to add?


Brandi said...

Conversate is not a word! It's converse people! Irregardless is a big pet peeve of mine too.

Kara said...

ooohh.. hate irregardless.

also hate "would of". it's "would HAVE" (I have seen it typed that way on certain blogs (not naming names)).

Arwen said...

payed is just wrong.

I have a degree in neurophysiology and implement database software.

Sue said...

When I worked in NYC, some of the people from the outer boroughs used to say "ax" instead of "ask".

And on message boards especially, the posters who have no clue about their/there.

Aunt P said...

another one that I remember you had an issue with is Rent-a-car rather than rental car or Car rental.

Mr Big Dubya said...

"So don't I" - but I think that's regional

The difference between "you're" and "your"; "their", "there" and "they're"

Disrespect used as a verb - it's a noun people - one shows disrespect

Proper uses of "ensure" and "insure"; "affect" and "effect"

And, finally - "its" and "it's"

Mr Big Dubya said...

And I just came across this one:

Kobe Bryant Suspended For Elbowing Another Player On Accident

"on accident"? What? Are you five-years-old? Where the hell is "accident" and why was Kobe there elbowing someone?

Jenn said...

Ahh yes, over here in "joisey" people "axe you a question" all the time.

And then they is
"Ah-scared" (which is like afraid and scared mixed together)

How about "prolly" instead of "probably". I do that all the time, and people HATE it! LOL oops. it's easier to type/say. *grin*

Jill said...

There is no such thing as a "mute point." It is a "moot point."

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