March 23, 2007

Overheard at the Dubya House

The Morning after St Patrick's Day:
Mrs Big Dubya:
Honey, Did you really drink 5 Guinness last night? I bought 8 and there are only 3 left....
Mr Big Dubya: (Sheepishly) No, I had an accident with one
Mrs Big Dubya: (Incredulously) Accident? What kind of accident?
Mr Big Dubya: Well, I put a couple in the freezer to chill and, well...
Mrs Big Dubya: Exploded, huh?
Mr Big Dubya: No, I left them in too long and the widget...... it didn't.... it didn't..... it didn't widgetize.... so it tasted like shit
Mrs Big Dubya: Widgetize?
Mr Big Dubya: Yeah, you know that chip in the can..... it really does make a difference

After a new neighbor stopped by:
Mrs Big Dubya: I really like her
Mr Big Dubya: Still think she's crazy?
Mrs Big Dubya: Oh, absolutely -- but she's our kind of crazy
Mr Big Dubya: Yeah, she is, isn't she?..... poor thing.

Happy Weekend Everybody!


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