March 2, 2007

I pulled out the 'lil man's Bumbo chair today

I pulled out the 'lil man's Bumbo chair today because I needed someplace to put her

While I dealt with this....

Happy Weekend!


Aunt P said...

She's beautiful! And he's a little devil!

Jenn said...

I'm delurking. I love the blankets on the stove behind her. lol

Like you were in the middle of carrying them somewhere and looked at the little man and was like - sh*t!! Drop blankets, grab papertowels.

p.s. so did the maid look at your clean house the other day and think, wow this job is gonna be cake?

Mamacita Tina said...

She's so sweet! As for the little man, if it were me, I think I'd take him and the highchair to the nearest shower.

Sue said...

She is so cute!! And he's handsome (but we already knew that).

Arwen said...

She is like a little version of him. He is adorable. Who do they look like? I guess I can wait until July but I am dying to know. Noodle looks just like Hubby.

cape buffalo said...

Honestly, woman they both look EXACTLY like you (but with significantly less hair).

Could they be any cuter?

No, they could not.

I'm so glad you grabbed the camera before the paper towels!

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