January 2, 2007

New Year's Resolution

We all do it.... make resolutions we know we won't keep, even though we'd like to..... I'm no different. Most years, my resolutions revolve around swearing less, managing my (our) money better and getting back in shape. In an effort to achieve the latter, I've fallen prey to many a infomercial.....

The Firm is really hard.... and what's worse, it requires a significant level of coordination -- I am many things.... coordinated is not one of them. Seriously, it's not that the movements are that hard -- it's the rapid succession and the fact that the perky little bitch on the DVD doesn't show you how to do them -- she just launches into them at full speed. There's a better chance of me falling down with this routine than getting in shape.

Windsor Pilates is not as hard, it's significantly more low key and ladylike -- but...... I didn't feel like I was doing anything. You can get through the basic DVD without even breaking a sweat.... I'm sure it works, but..... you need to sweat at least a little bit, don't you?

Core Secrets looked good on TV, it really did -- and it looked like something I could commit to.... but it came with this "fitness ball" that needed to be inflated with this pedal...... let's just say, if I could inflate this thing, I wouldn't need to get in shape.

Rather than buy into one of these TV gimmicks again this year, I've decided to do what works best for me -- fierce competition. The most faithful I've ever been to a diet was when Aunt P and I did Weight Watchers together -- we actually tracked what we ate each day and emailed the list to each other -- or when the Big Dubya and I did Atkins together -- there was no way I was going to let him beat me.... (by the way, we looked awesome).

Relax, I'm not going to record everything I eat in this space -- but last year, I announced on this very site that I was going to start a diet..... figuring the public shame of cheating would be enough to keep me honest -- and it did -- I was doing great. But..... then I got pregnant again and the diet had to be put on hold.

Well, the baby's now 6 weeks old -- and I'm roughly 5lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.... which was roughly 7lbs more than I'd like to be -- so , what I'm saying is that I'd like to lose 12lbs.

Rest assured, I'm not converting this to a dieting site -- but, once a week (on Fridays), I will brag about my progress (or confess my setbacks) until I hit this goal. If there's anybody else that would like to join the weight-loss crusade..... please feel free.


Anonymous said...

Hi -

If you are looking for a great dieting tool, check out The Daily Plate. It's a free site that lets you track what you are eating and graph your weight and measurements over time, all for free.

It definately can be hard to stick with things, but I have been able to lose 24 pounds using the site, maybe it will help you? Good luck with your quest!

The site is at www.thedailyplate.com.

Sue said...

Good for you! (although, only 12 pounds over your pre-pregnancy weight after 2 kids?? Let's just say I am extremely jealous).

Mamacita Tina said...

I'm trying to do the weight loss thing, but a little differently. I'm trying to make sure the kids and I get out and move everyday. Whether it's in our own backyard, the park, zoo or museum, doesn't matter, as long as we are "out" and walking or chasing each other.

Arwen said...

Kara and I are thinking about running Kiawah (that's Kiawah Islan in SC) next December. I am trying to talk her out of Marine Corp since it is so intimidating. But Kiawah is an island on a vacation beach. Doesn't that sound tempting? You could virtually train with us.

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