June 22, 2007

So, how do you handle it when.....

Isn't life kinda strange sometimes?

Like, when your closest friend in the world is dating someone that you don't like..... and that doesn't like you?

You learn to deal with each other..... for your friend's sake and after some time passes, your friend thinks that everything is all better..... and mistakes your tolerance of each other for friendship.

And then they get married.... and you realize that this person isn't going anywhere.

And then you get married and your spouse loves your friend, but can't stand your friend's spouse either.....

Doesn't it just suck?


margalit said...

Oh yeah, it sucks a lot. My best friend is married to the world's biggest asshole. I swear it, this is a horrible human being. We work around it as much as possible, and after 20 years of marriage and abuse, she's not all that thrilled with him either, but it still sucks.

Arwen said...

My BFF has a loser husband. I try to like him and I just can't (and no, I am not speaking about Cliff - Cliff rocks the party - different best friend - like can you have two best friends? I sound so much like a first grader.)
Shit. where was I?
Right the husband, he's nice enough but he married up in every possible way but isn't rising to the occasion. I can't deal with him. just can't. don't want to. I can tell you stories.

Above Average Joe said...

Off the blogpost topic but I see you're reading Devil In The White City.

Great book. Wiki "World's Columbian Exposition" for a whole lot more info.

cape buffalo said...

UGH. The worst. I actually told a friend's husband AT THEIR WEDDING, mind you, that he better "fucking be nice to my friend." You know, because that is so in my character. Really, does that tell you how much I dislike this guy?

We hardly ever talk anymore but they did go the IVF route and I figure any guy who's willing to ... well... you know... into a sample cup for his wife can't be all that bad. Still, i can't stand the sight of him.

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