June 29, 2007

They don't even look alike

I'm terrible with knowing who celebrities are. I mean, I don't watch a ton of TV..... I rarely watch movies..... The Big Dubya tells me that I live under a rock. And, even when I try to be cool and know who is who...... I'm wrong and end up looking even dopier than I am.

For some reason.... I know these people are different..... I know they don't really even look very much alike, yet I still confuse them.

Denise Richards and Amanda Peet -- I know, they don't really look much alike, yet...... I have to ask..... which one is it?

Bernadette Peters.... Pia Zadora.... can't tell one from the other...... not that either of them shows up very often -- but one of them used to be on the Muppet Show from time to time.

Goofy..... Pluto.... Yes, I know -- one can talk and walks upright..... I still can't tell them apart -- the 'lil Dubya says "oofy" and points -- I never know if he's right or not.... let's face it, he probably is.... he's two and he gets it.

The NYPD Blues guys.... the one from Silver Spoons and the one from Saved By The Bell They are both cute, former child-stars..... sometimes I can tell which one it is..... but not always.

Okay, in some cases it's not completely my fault..... I mean, there are some that just look alike the guy that played Ira on Mad About You..... he really did look like Jack's friend Larry on Three's Company.

And today, there was a guy on Sesame Street that I really thought was Blair Underwood.... The Big Dubya says that it was really Wayne Brady

I'm hopeless


Aunt P said...

How can you confuse Goofy with Pluto? That's just sad. Obviously you need to pay closer attention on your next trip to Disney.

feener said...

very cute...and a bunch make sense to get confused !!

Kara said...

I told you about my Rachael Ray/ Katharine McPhee problem.

I'm totally with you.

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