February 29, 2008

Pajama Day

So, yesterday was pajama day at daycare. This was kind of cool for us because pajama days are usually on Fridays, a day where my kids don't attend..... so they get left out. The 'lil Dubya was pretty excited to where his pajamas to school and it was cute to see all the kids in their jammies -- and the teachers too.
Obviously my little brain has too much time on its hands because on my ride to work my mind began to wander and I began to wonder.... what would it be like to wear my pajamas to work?

Well, okay -- it would be a disaster.
Right now, as I approach 7 months pregnant -- my pjs consist of an over sized bar tee-shirt left over from my college days and a pair of the Big Dubya's pajama bottoms (love the drawstring!).
But then of course I couldn't just stop there -- I started to wonder about my co-workers..... Mr. Conservative would probably have a coordinated Ralph Lauren ensembles -- perfectly coordinated and pressed. Ms. wannabe CFO would probably have some sort of Laura Ashely number. Miss "I wear things inappropriate for work" would probably show up in something a la Fredrick's of Hollywood two sizes too small...... and Mr Studly all the women love me ..... oh dear God, don't go there.... don't go there....

Let's hope pajama day never catches on at work

Happy Friday folks!


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