August 21, 2008

C'mon kids.... let's go to the GOP BBQ

Yeah, I know..... I can feel Arwen & Kara cringe from here -- don't worry girls.... we formed a circle, held hands and prayed for you and your tree hugging friends.... just kidding....

I went to two places yesterday that made me incredibly grateful.

Although delivering the baby usually resolves pre-eclampsia, I'm still battling high blood pressure 11 weeks later, so I've been seeing a nephrologist to see if we can get it under control.....

I'm not sure if you've ever been in the waiting room of a nephrologist's office, but...... it's all old people.... I mean really old people -- and then there's me..... a young (c'mon humor me) mother of three very small children...... who's in otherwise perfect health.

Well, you should see these elderly people light up when they see the baby -- they can't wait to tell you about their children (who, in many cases, have children & grandchildren of their own by now) -- as much as I gripe about having to go..... bringing these people this small amount of joy makes it worth the trip.... and they are so interested in everything I say -- they hang on every word.

Then.... last night -- we did... the Big Dubya & I packed up the kiddies and took them to the GOP Barbecue -- it was fun. The food was terrific (I didn't have to cook) -- we got to hang out with our elected representatives and again, it was almost all old people. When we got home, we both were amazed at how many people had stopped us to tell us what a beautiful family we have -- and that we should enjoy every minute because it all goes by way too fast.

They were right -- we get so caught up in the chaos and mayhem that accompanies three small children, two careers, a house, a marriage, friends...... that we forget how amazing our little family is and how fortunate we are to have it.


Sue said...

Hopefully the BP situation will resolve soon!

Arwen said...

You crack me up.
I hope the BP thing works out too. I am currently considered uninsurable and am fighting that. The only health insurance I can get will cost me 1300 a MONTH just for me, noone else. So very stressful I think my BP is going up up up.

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