August 25, 2008

Living the Rock Star Life

After tailgating with my rock star brother, the Big Dubya and I sat in the front row at the Patriots game on Friday night.... who cares that the game totally sucked, I was in the front row!!!! This is Pat the Patriot telling us that we f'ing ROCK for being in the front row

not bad quality photo from my little cell phone

and this is a picture of when I decided to rest my drunk & weary foot on the railing... yes, that's my foot on the front row's railing

So, as if that wasn't good enough..... as if I hadn't drank enough...... we went to see Neil Diamond rock historic Fenway Park. Yes, I heard the man sing Sweet Caroline in the house that Ruth, Williams, Yaz (you pick) built. So okay, we weren't in the front row...... but I saw a sequin-clad speck on the stage that Kara assured me was him. He sounded awesome.....

It was probably the beer taking over, but just to give you a flavor for the evening.....

I decided to go toe-to-toe with some poorly dressed, middle aged soccer moms that Kara tossed some ice at.... not sure what was funnier..... their claims that cold water was going to poke their eyes out, or their threats to call the fashion police on us.... but we laughed all the way back to the bar ('cuz we hadn't drank enough)

My 28 year old brother tried to convince some divorcees on the T that he was 45 and just looked young for his age -- he also told them that they looked like $1,000,000.... I thought he was leaving with some digits. Later in the evening, he picked up some girls after dropping a drink on them and then he became pen pals with some other girls in town on business from Minnesota.... we weren't even on the sidewalk when this silly girl was sending him text messages.

Kara had the good sense to catch the last train home. The Big Dubya, my brother & I decided that we were too cool for that and kept drinking. Then, after storming into a high end restaurant like the Clampetts to use the bathroom, we took a $50 cab ride back to my parents house -- my brother wasn't happy with the cab driver who got really annoyed when he took over control of the radio. The Big Dubya and my mother put me to bed where I proceeded to puke into a bucket in my childhood bedroom.

Yes, I do realize that I need to grow up...... I'm somebody's mother for christ sake.

I paid the price yesterday when we had to drive back to CT from Boston..... no amount of Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's or D'Angelos would help (yes, I really did try it all). It was a long, long, long ass drive...... and the 'lil Dubyette puked all over car.


Kara said...

We totally could have taken those soccer moms. And to clarify, I didn't hurl the ice at them (as much as they deserved it), I threw it at your husband, but my blood alcohol content gave me really crappy aim. I can't beleiev you puked. You ARE a rock star. My hangover from the Pats game is what kept me honest at Fenway. Miss you guys already!!!!

Sue said...

Holy cow woman you are wild and crazy! My money would be on you v the soccer moms too.

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