August 20, 2008

Tell me what you see

Yeah, so .... I fell down the stairs yesterday ... Ouch

Thank God we weren't seriously hurt -- yes, I say we because I was carrying the 'lillest Dubya when I tripped over that damn dinosaur.

I somehow managed to tuck him close to my chest and hit every other surface of my body against every hard-wood-floored-step. On the bright side he didn't hit anything and kind of enjoyed the ride -- and I can now conduct an entire rorschach test using only the bruises on my body.... the darkest, and the one generating the most giggles from the Big Dubya, would be the one on my butt..... humans aren't supposed to be THAT color.
Anywho..... I finally joined facebook -- I hate it.... not smart enough to use it.... people keep sending me requests to play duck, duck, goose.... a game I hated before they figured out how to make it virtual.
It is nice because I can get in touch with cousins that I have living in other parts of the world.... but it's also like an address book full of the numbers I know by heart -- most of the people I'm "friends" with are people that I talk to all the time anyway.
We'll see how it goes.....


Arwen said...

That sucks. And it is terrifying. Glad you are both ok, even if you feel pretty battered.

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