August 15, 2008

I got pee pee on my toe

As I sat at my computer trying to figure out facebook.... a little voice yelled out from the bathroom

'lil Dubya: Mammy, I got pee pee on my toe

Of course I got up and went in there --

Mrs Big Dubya: What happened?
'lil Dubya: I got pee pee on my toe he bends over and points to his toe right there
Mrs Big Dubya: How'd that happen?
'lil Dubya: I don't know as he tries to use a baby wipe to clean up a puddle next to the toilet
Mrs Big Dubya: Are your pants wet?
'lil Dubya: Nope, just my toe
Mrs Big Dubya: Were you not paying attention and you missed the toilet?
'lil Dubya: Yeah, I think so
Mrs Big Dubya: Let's get a bigger towel
'lil Dubya: okay -- thanks Mammy

Happy Friday


Sue said...

If you manage to figure out Facebook could you let me know? I'm on there and still have a hard time understanding it.

Cute potty story too!

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