February 20, 2006

Are we sure this isn't the same product?

Lucky readers.... I'm feeling inspired (translation: I'm so not into the work that's piled up on my desk)... you get two posts in one day :)

As the Big Dubya has chronicled here, the 'lil man has a nasty-assed (sorry for the pun, couldn't help myself) diaper rash. I mean, I really didn't think a child could get a rash like this unless he/she was terribly neglected and left in a seriously soiled diaper for more than a week. It's so bad that I was almost embarrassed to bring him to school this morning, for fear that social services would be called in to investigate.... however, it is not due to neglect, it's due to the constant diaper soiling that my husband fondly refers to as the "squirts" that has consumed our every waking moment for days.... and when I say constant... I mean constant.... every 20 minutes for 5 consecutive days type constant.

Now, I'll be honest..... I am a brand-loyal gal.... if my parents bought it and used it while we were growing up, chances are I buy and use it now. Heinz Ketchup, Hellman's Mayonnaise.... we weren't Burger King people, we were McDonald's people.... we didn't drink Pepsi, we drank Coke (when we were allowed to have it, which wasn't very often)..... My mother used Pampers.... and Desitin and so do I (although, I do like the Huggies wipes better)!

So, due to the constant changing.... the 'lil man's butt started to get red and so out came the blue & white tube that has 'til now served us so well..... but, as time went on, the stuff just wasn't doing what it needed to do. I thought it might be because we were using that new fangled "Creamy Desitin" instead of the old fashioned "Paste".... so we began using the paste.... but his tiny 'lil butt just continued to deteriorate with each puddle of brown, yellow, green goop that poured from his tiny 'lil butt.

I asked the Big Dubya..... "Honey, are you sure you are using enough? you need to really apply a generous coating" And he replied "Mrs Big Dubya, I'm using plenty, it's just not strong enough, it just can't withstand the sheer volume"

I took to the internet.... (what did people do before the internet???) and found this guy. He lays out all the things we've already tried and then recommends this Triple Paste stuff. I ran to CVS and bought a tube ($10!!!! but if it works, it's worth every penny!).... man, is this stuff thick! it really looks like spackle.... which makes me wonder, is it the same stuff? I remember using Colgate toothpaste to fill holes in our dorm walls so that we didn't get charged for the damage..... hmmmmm betcha those college kids never though of this stuff. Anyway, his butt looked a tiny bit better this morning.... I'll keep you posted on our progress!

† Conversation exaggerated for dramatic effect


Sue said...

Triple Paste is excellent for diaper rash. We used to buy the huge jar (like in your picture). You should hopefully start seeing some improvement, especially if you really paste it on overnight, and he stops going so often.

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Things that worked for us:

1. A&D Ointment. It's stinky, but it gets the job done. And makes your cuticles soft, too.

2. Aquaphor. Helps the skin heal.

3. A little Maalox (we went with the minty flavored) on a cotton ball--dab it on Lil Dubya's tush after the cleaning and before the cream. Takes the sting away.

4. Sitz bath, with some baking soda. By 'some' I mean an entire small box in each tub of waist-deep tepid water. We would do this three or four times a day for Charlie (ah, that's when being a stay-home-mom really pays off--okay no not really). And it keeps down that refridgerator smell that babies are so prone to! Or something.

Poor little tushie!

Aunt P said...

Crack Spackle... that's funny... crack - diaper rash, hehehe... yes, I'm still in high school...

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