February 1, 2006

Where is jail?

Such a strange question......

I'm a good girl.... have always been a good girl..... and even when I thought I was being a real bad-ass, I was really just Holly Hobby letting her braids down. I mean, I never hung with bad kids.... I never got into trouble.... my definition of "bad" was really just mischevious.... so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I don't know where jail is.

My brother called me this morning -- apparently a cousin of ours landed himself in some hot water recently. Overall he's a good kid, but he's got really, really bad judgment. He's one of those kids who got caught every single time he did anything even slightly wrong..... he should know better than to take chances.... and to make matters worse, he's got a mouth on him. He thinks he's very charming -- but it's so fake..... people can see right through him.... and it just gets him in deeper.

Anyway, he's got to serve 90 days..... and innocently, I asked where.

Mrs Big Dubya: So, where's he gotta go?
Brother Ro-Ro: Jail
Mrs Big Dubya: Hmmmm, where's jail?
Brother Ro-Ro: I dunno... Could be Dedham, could be South Bay.... I think there's one over on Nashau Street by the Fleet Center.... I dunno... I've never known anybody who had to go to jail. I don't think they'd send him someplace really bad.... it's not like he's going to prison... he's just going to jail.

I'm not sure why I'm surprised that I don't know where jail is.... but it did strike me as odd.


Kara said...

is there a difference between jail and prison? if there is, and i didn't know that, then i guess that makes me a nerd too and i've done plenty that could have gotten me into 'real' trouble.
i had a friend serve 90 for taking a swing at a cop who was breaking up a fight. he didn't know it was a cop, but that didn't matter in court.
i used to live near the charles street jail (which, interestingly, isn't on charles street but it used to be so they didn't change the name when they moved it to nashua street). it always made me sad when women would take their kids out on sunday afternoon to stand on the street and wave to daddy up in his cell.

Mrs Big W said...

I think..... and, I could be wrong, but.... I think..... jail is for short-term visits.... while prison is for longer-term stays.

Kind of like the airport.... short-term and long-term parking.

If the Big Dubya ever lands himself in the pokey.... the 'Lil Dubya will not be visiting!

Aunt P said...

Now I may be remembering this wrong, but when I was on the Duck Tours I believe the driver said that the charles street jail was the hold over place for people that were waiting for their court date - it was for the people that didn't make bail. Added to that ever notice that it's a county jail and a federal prison? Maybe the difference is the offense you committed?

Aunt P said...

Wait I found this online...

Prison and jail don't always mean the same thing. People in prison have been tried in a court and convicted of a crime. People in jail may be waiting for their trial.

And come to think of, I guess I was in jail once, but it was only for a couple of hours.

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