February 19, 2006

Pretty in Pink?..... Not-so-much

The Big Dubya recently treated himself to a new shirt from JCrew.... pictured above..... it's a nice shirt, it was a good deal -- marked down to $9.99 from $39.50..... all was good, that was until he wore it and put it in the wash. It's strikingly similar to a few of his other shirts, so I washed it...... and so now, this great $9.99 bargain shirt has cost us about a dozen dish towels, 2 pairs of jeans (mine....one Calvin Klein, one Polo), an awesome mint green Nautica shirt (his-- which is now a lovely shade of mint pink), two of the 'lil man's Winnie the Pooh sweat suits and the cover to his now very feminine changing pad pictured below.

Moral to the story.... teaching husband how to bargain shop is a good thing..... blindly doing laundry.... not so good.... as the $9.99 shirt will cost us about $150 after we replace all the stuff that got ruined.


Kara said...

oh man, that stinks. i have totally been there before. lil dubya is baby enough to cope with the changing pad, though...

Susan said...

When I was in the hospital having Charlie my mother did laundry--very helpful, yes?--and washed some lovely new red napkins with the white laundry--not helpful. She pinked up most of Wade's undershirts, which lead to repeated quotings of Homer Simpson:
'Marge, I'm not popular enough to wear a pink shirt to work!'

And Henry wore pink pyjamas for WEEKS because I had just had a baby and couldn't get myself together to buy him any new ones.

Melissa said...

That sucks. Just wait till the first time you wash a pocket full of crayons.

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