February 21, 2006

A Happy Hiney

Please note: this is not a photo of 'lil Dubya.... just an actor portraying the 'lil man

Thanks so much for those who posted and/or emailed me some diaper-rash (I really wish the Big Dubya would stop calling it red-ass) remedies.... it makes me feel so much better to know that other well-cared-for & not-neglected babies have had to battle diaper rash. Fortunately, the Triple Paste has worked wonders..... that, coupled with the fact that the "squirts" have all but eased, has helped us regain Happy Hiney Status! We'll discuss the four teeth that are coming in up top in another post -- for now, I'm just relieved his butt is back up to par.

A couple of notes.... first, Susan suggested Maalox..... thanks for the suggestion.... I've never even heard of that.... but, let's be logical... it kind of makes a lot of sense.... Maalox coats.... is used to treat acid reflux....the squirts certainly appeared to be acidic (hence the rash)..... it's cool, creamy..... probably quite soothing (although mint? really?) I think I'm going to keep some in the house... just in case.

Lastly, I used one of the common search engines to try to find a photo/picture/cartoon for above.... I innocently typed in diaper rash and clicked images..... OH MY F'ING GOD!!!! The results I saw were enough to make my butt sore! So, as a result of experiencing this visual trauma, I feel the need to clarify..... the 'lil Dubya's rash WAS NOT like those depicted here.... had it even approached that bad or even a fraction of that bad, we would have been at the HOSPITAL, probably looking for skin grafts!


Aunt P said...

What a cute little ad! Glad 'lil dub is feeling better...

Kara said...

why did you put in a link? you KNOW i can't resist clicking the links!
MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Big W said...

Sorry babe.... but what's up with the popsicle stick, huh? do they think that helps shield us???

Susan said...

I am lazy and did not click the link. See, lazy pays off, as I apparently will not now have to poke my eyes out with a tinker toy.

Anonymous said...

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