February 27, 2006

Drunk Dialing

I could write today about how the 'lil man has yet another dose of a tummy bug (or maybe its just another recurrence of the original one), but I won't...... missing another day of work and then being puked on several times during the day and spending most of the night saying "Oh Honey, I know" or "It's okay buddy" gets boring after a while.

Instead, I decided to write about my dear husband..... and his closest friend. The Big Dubya has blogged quite a bit about his youth..... he wasn't really a bad kid -- but he saw his fair share of mischief. And like every Beaver Cleaver.... he had 40.... his family's own personal Eddie Haskell. The difference between Dubya and 40 is that Dubya's grown up (well, sorta) and 40 is still living the rockstar life.

This brings us to 1:30 this morning.... the Big Dubya was sleeping soundly in our cozy king-size bed..... I was on the couch with the 'lil Dubya begging and praying for him to go to sleep, all the while thinking to myself that 4:45 was going to come much to quickly if we didn't get at least a little sleep..... and then the Big Dubya's cell phone rings..... not just any ring, the Darth Vader theme music from Star Wars (I did say he was only sorta grown up). I jumped up, but I didn't get there in time.... I looked down and was overcome with a sense of rage. My first instinct was to take the phone upstairs and pelt the Big Dubya in his sleepy noggin with it and to shriek "Somebody ought to tell 40 that we have a baby!" but, I didn't. I got myself and the 'lil guy settled back onto the couch..... and then I started to feel guilty. Geee..... what if it's an emergency.... what if somebody died......

When I went upstairs this morning, I let the Big Dubya know that there was a call from 40 and that I hadn't answered it. The Big Dubya went to check it out and then came back and said..... um, yeah, you are glad you didn't answer it.

Apparently, 40 was in a bar in Florida ..... Florida, did we know he was going to Florida? No, we didn't.... He met a girl and she wanted to know who sings that song, I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight...... so, 40 was calling his very own human encyclopedia..... the fountain of useless information that is my husband to find out.... he does this a lot, apparently the bimbo set finds this phone-a-friend thing impressive.

As the Big Dubya was leaving for work, I asked -- by the way.... who sings it.... and he responded with a grin....Cutting Crew


Kara said...

now THAT's funny...

i was drunk-dialed a few months ago. the guy had been fake-numbered by a gal named sara... which at 3 in the morning sounds like kara. it was sad. i thought i was about the get lucky;)

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