February 17, 2006

Your turn......

So, yesterday marked 4 years of wedded bliss for the Dubyas.

We've never been huge anniversary people..... usually a good dinner, a nice bottle of wine..... this year? yeah, well this year was slightly different. This year the Big Dubya and I split a fairly crappy pizza and took turns changing the 'lil Dubya's diarhea-filled diapers. This year, the only bottle we opened was pedialyte..... and the three of us were curled up in bed by 9:30.

Fortunately, the vomiting part of this tummy-bug seems to have wrapped up (knock on wood).... but man, this was one nasty bug. The 'lil guy has been nothing short of pathetic since Wednesday afternoon.

The thing is.... it wasn't such a bad anniversary after all..... 'cause nothing is more attractive or reaffirms your choice of partner than seeing your husband care for your child.... not getting upset when covered in vomit...... or when cleaning it up, yet again.


Susan said...

Happy Anniversary Dubyas! And many happy returns of the day.

But not the vomit. Ick.

Kara said...

oh you poor people! hope you are all on the road to recovery. happy aniversary!

Aunt P said...

Happy Anniversary! (although a bit late...)

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