February 5, 2006

Obsolete cell phones out the wazu

If you are anything like the Dubyas.... you've got old cell phones a' plenty kicking around the house.

When we were first dating, I was with Bell Atlantic Mobile and the Big Dubya was with some other service I don't even remember the name of it..... the service was crap.

He switched over to Sprint, I switched to AT&T..... again, both services were crap.

We got a bit more serious in our relationship and we switched again.... this time to a joint plan with Voicestream..... service was excellent.... 'til we moved and then we were back to crap.

Next came Cingular..... which was better, but..... still not great and then -- you guessed it, we moved again and back to crapola.

Cingular convinced us that if we upgraded to digital we'd have better luck and yes, this was true -- service is still not great (we do live in the boonies) but it's much better.

As a result, we have several generations of obsolete cell phones kicking around. So, here's my public service announcement..... (you knew there was some reason for this post, didn't ya??)

You can take these old phones to your local police station and donate them (tax deduction!!!) the police partner up with worthy causes (like battered womens' shelters, etc) and put them to good use with people who need them. Or, another option is to help our troops by donating them here.

If you are feeling less altruistic.... go here, this company buys old cell phones for a small amount of money (somewhere between $5-$20) and gives them a second life in underprivileged areas/countries.


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