December 6, 2005

In search of a good Santa

So, this is the 'lil man's first Christmas..... the Big Dubya got us a damn near perfect tree and we decorated it over the weekend. Since then, we've been doing our best to get a good picture for the Christmas card.... easier said than done, but with a little patience we'll get it.

Next on the list is a picture taken with Santa.... and not just any old Santa.... a good Santa. Almost every mall in America has a Santa.... but some are better than others. C'mon you've seen them.... the Santa that's too skinny or too fat. The Santa who's all wig... or not enough wig. The Santa that's too young, or who's dark hair & eyebrows stick out from under the disguise. The Santa who seems just a little to pervy.....

I've been scouting the local malls.... and there isn't a good Santa in the lot. We were a bit spoiled when we lived in Boston -- one of the suburban malls has an awesome Santa.... looks just like CocaCola's Santa -- and you can tell this guy lives all year to play Santa -- he's wonderful with the children (and the parents). I've been trying to convince the Big Dubya that it's worth the trip back -- he thinks I've been hitting the egg nogg. I just want the 'lil guy's first Christmas to be magical.... right down to his first picture with Santa.


Kim said...

Hey, I've just found your blog and added it to my blog list. Let me know if you'd rather not be there.

Mrs Big W said...

I love being on blog lists... makes me feel like all this nonsese I write about is lightening somebody's day!


Kara said...

the santa at the enchanted village (at a convention center on boylston street with a very hard to remember name... hmm. what is it again? cant. seem. to. remember. maybe your parents and sister could help me jog my memory) is awesome. when i was little, my parents told me he was the 'real santa' and we are perpetuating that idea. the kid met him last week and he was great. great rapport woth the kids and he didn't flinch when we declined the $20 commemoritive photo.

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