November 16, 2005

Can you hear me now?

So, like most new parents..... we received a baby monitor at our baby shower. The Big Dubya did all the leg-work, researched all the different brands and he selected this one to register for. I hooked it up right away.... wanted to make sure it worked. I had heard many, many stories about monitors that had interference, that picked up the neighbors cordless phone calls eveon one that went haywire when you used the garage door opener.... none of this was going to happen at the Dubya house. I had this gizmo hooked up long before the baby was even due and it worked terrific (I could use it to get the Big Dubya to fetch me things..... it was great!)

'Lil Dubya arrived and we were in business.... we had a reciever in our bedroom and one in the kitchen so we could hear him at night and during the day when/if he was napping. Then about two weeks ago, the receiver in our bedroom started to fade..... gradually it just stopped working. It was only about 5 months old.... this shouldn't happen..... so I attempted to bring it back. The people at Babies R Us all but laughed at me... no bag, no box, no receipt... all they could do was give me the manufacturer's phone number.... but what good is that? I need a monitor tonight -- what if my tiny 'lil man wakes up in the middle of the night and needed his Mammy..... I need to be able to hear him!

Despite the fact that one of the recievers just shit the bed, I was otherwise happy with the monitor, so I decided to just buy the same one again.... we had plenty of gift cards left.... technically, it wasn't going to cost me anything. Of course, when I got to the monitor aisle... they didn't have this model so I opted for this one.... figuring -- same brand.... 'eh close enough, right? WRONG!

I got the monitor home and no matter what channel it was on the static was so loud.... even if the 'lil man woke up, I wouldn't be able to hear him over the damn static and that's just assuming we ever got to sleep..... this just wasn't going to work. So, the Big Dubya boxed up monitor #2 and I started to search for the receipt..... and search, and search some more.... there's no way I could have two bum monitors that can't be returned. In the course of my search, I not only found the receipt, but I also found that I had saved the box and the gift receipt from monitor #1...... Yaaayyy.... I can return them both.... for once, my pack-rat tendencies could be confused with organization. So, on Saturday the Big Dubya headed off to Babies R Us to return the two monitors and to hopefully get #3, and God-willing this one will work.

Well, this one certainly has a cool factor.... it's small, discreet, lightweight, doesn't have any static, has a really cool walkie-talkie feature and has three monitors with two receivers (yeah, the Big Dubya put a good dent in the gift cards with this purchase).... the only problem is that it's too damn quiet..... we can hardly hear the baby.

I don't know how to break it to him, but when we get back from AZ, we are going to be in the market for monitor #4!


Kara said...

um, Mrs. Big W, what do you mean by the last line in your post?

Mrs Big W said...

Sorry.... should have been more specific. No, we did not beat you to the conception punch.... I'm just not happy with the monitor known as #3 and the Big Dubya will be tasked with heading back to Babies R Us and getting a new one (#4) that I can actually hear! Although, had #3 worked's three monitors and two receivers would have been great for a 'liller Dubya -- should we be blessed with one

Corinne said...

I've heard the Sony monitors are really nice... we haven't tried ours yet, but we read some good reviews on it...

Brandi said...

We got a monitor at a baby shower as well. I kept meaning to buy another one because it looked to cheap, but I was too cheap to until we tried out the one we had. We've been using it for 11 months now with no problems at all. I do wish it came with a second unit thing, though. This is the monitor we have.

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