February 12, 2007

Chatting up a storm

The 'lil man's been speaking for a while -- mostly one word here or there. Mahmeeeyyy, Daahheeee, UUUccce (juice). But over the weekend he went from one word here and there to full phrases.

He dropped one of his Duplos and then out of nowhere, he said "Where'd it go?" and then when he found it under the table he yelled out "I got it!"


He went from shouting out one word describing what he wanted to being almost conversational.
He picked up his toy cell phone and said "Lelllloh, Oh Hi Ninny" (we think this translates to "Hello, Oh Hi Granny")

Upon hearing her wake up, he ran to his sister and said "Baayybeee's cryin"

And from his crib last night he yelled "Mahmeeyyy Melllkkkk Tlease" (Mammy, Milk Please)

It's so exciting to see him learn to speak and use language to convey his thoughts -- but it's a little bitter-sweet -- he's my baby.... and he's growing up.


Mr Big Dubya said...

Ok - getting a little misty here

Sue said...

That's so cute!

cape buffalo said...

for a boy, three word phrases at his age is HUGE!!!!!!!

Way to go little man!

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