February 27, 2007

Oh My God..... Guess Who Works Here?

On Saturday morning, the Dubyas took the 'lil Dubyas to get their photos done. It was really just to get 'lil Dubyette's 3 month pics done, but I figured seeing that the Christmas photo was such a disaster -- maybe we could scoot the 'lil man in for a couple of shots with his sister. Is it really too much for a mother to ask.... one picture of her two kids together, smiling, looking in the same direction sans drool????

Anyway, while we were waiting to have the photos printed (and NO, I was unable to get a picture of the two of them worthy of purchase), we couldn't help but notice the family next to us. Mom was about 6ish months pregnant and son was about 4 and very ill-behaved. Mom and Dad kept jumping through hoops to get this kid to behave -- we'll take you to lunch -- we'll give you candy -- we'll let you pick out a toy.......

Good God people, try a little discipline. How 'bout "Stop hitting the lady or we are leaving and you'll be (insert appropriate punishment here) when we get home" and when child continues to slap the poor employee -- FOLLOW THROUGH with the threat!

In fairness to the kid, this couple was ridiculous.... I mean, it didn't take me that long to pick the pictures for our wedding album. And hello people, you are in the mall...... I know you want to take photos of your kid kissing your big ole pregnant belly (I mean I never did -- but different strokes, right?), but...... you aren't going to get Ann Geddes or Annie Leibovitz -- you are going to get a mall photographer doing her very best.

Anyway, imagine my shock and dismay when I ran into the Mom in our cafeteria this morning.... Gee, I hope she didn't see me roll my eyes on Saturday when she promised her bratty kid a trip the Rainforest Cafe to see the monkeys.


Aunt P said...

With your luck she probably also reads your blog and now knows who you are and what you think of her parenting skills....

Sue said...

The parents actually let the kid hit the employee??! Oy. You're right - what happened to behave or we're leaving right this instant?

And she was probably too focused on her kid to see you roll your eyes.

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