February 25, 2007

I finally pulled the trigger

Yep, I finally called a cleaning lady -- she'll be here at noon to "assess" us........ it's 11:31 and the Big Dubya and I have been taking turns cleaning/managing the tots since 7. This is probably the cleanest our house has been since pre-baby days.... not even sure we need her now.

I had my performance appraisal last week and although I won't know my raise/bonus numbers 'til Tuesday, I was told by my boss that I'll be "happy" with what I get -- so, I called a raspy voiced woman and she agreed to come over today. She said that her fee is based on a few factors..... house size and occupants among them. In our favor.... we have no pets.... working "against" us is that we have "two under two"

Aunt P teased me for being a bit nervous

Aunt P: You are interviewing her
Me: I know, but what if we are too far gone? What if we are too serious a case for her to take on? What if she tells her cleaning lady friends about us?
Aunt P: Wouldn't that be funny? At least you'd have something to blog about.
Me: Shut up!

It's 11:44 -- she'll be here in 16 minutes.... UGH


cape buffalo said...

Nothing you can show these women will shock them (besides, your house is never dirty). Most cleaning people who go into business for themselves have come from commercial cleaning so moving onto houses is a step up (I know this from my own cleaning woman who leaves triangles at the end of the toilet paper andf paper towels and vacuums the carpet into lines the groundkeepers at Fenway would envy). I used to clean for the cleaning lady when I was paying by the hour, now I pay by the job and worry a lot less of there are breakfast dishes in the sink.

Good for you, by the way. You work way too hard on the important things to worry about who's going to dust the miniblinds.

Melissa said...

I must admit, I am sort of jealous lol. I've been thinking about looking into a cleaning service too. Hubby would love that. He hates spending the weekends cleaning lol I hope your meeting went well!

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